December 9, 2011

Soaring Hot Air Balloons

A high flying craft that you are sure to enjoy!

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project, you will need a paper cup, a balloon, colored tissue paper, ribbon, tape, scissors, and markers. 

Take your small cup and wrap it in a piece of colored tissue paper so it looks nice and colorful. 

Secure the tissue paper with tape. Cut three pieces of ribbon about 4 inches long. Tape one of the ends of each of these equidistant around the top of the small cup. 

Inflate your balloon. Cut one more piece of ribbon about three inches long. Tape the ends of this ribbon to the top of the balloon to form a carrying or hanging loop on the top of the balloon. 

Attach the cup to the bottom of the balloon by tying the 3 ribbons to the balloon knot at the balloon's base so the cup balances. Decorate and personalize your balloon with a variety of shapes, paper cut outs, or glitter. 

You are ready to go ballooning!!

For those with more time:Create people or animals from colored construction paper to ride in the balloon basket. For more thrills- add helium to your balloons! 

Enjoy Crafting!

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