February 22, 2012

Magnificent Mummies

Venture back into Ancient Egypt and create a magnificent mummy!

Craft Project Directions:

To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, scissors, crayons or markers, white tissue or toilet paper, and glue.

Prepare to unravel the mysteries of mummies!

Fold a piece of colored construction paper in half. Trace the sarcophagus template on the construction paper so that one side of the template is on the fold and cut it so you will have a place for your mummy.

Next cut out a mummy using the template. Now you are ready to decorate!

Decorate your sarcophagus with crayons, shapes, and designs and add strips of paper to your mummy so it looks all wrapped up!

Let both dry and slip your magnificent mummy inside!

Enjoy Crafting!

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