February 17, 2012

Rip-roaring Race Cars

Gentlemen and Ladies, start your engines… Create a car that will take you streaking to the finish line and a checkered flag! You can't lose with this craft.

Craft Project Directions:
We're off to the races in these fabulous cars!

Create a race car with the car body template provided. Cut you race car and wheels out of colored construction and attach the wheels with brass fasteners if you want them to spin (or tape or glue them in place).

Decorate your car with stripes, crayons, paper designs, etc.

For those with more time, attach your race car to a long, large piece of construction paper and add a racetrack or roadway background.

Using the templates provided, cut out the race car shapes from whatever color construction paper you like. Glue or tape the pieces to a background piece of construction paper and decorate your race cars!

Note: Attach your wheels to the construction paper background by placing brass fasteners in the middle of each wheel and poking them through the paper. This will allow the wheels of your race car to spin.

Enjoy Crafting!

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