February 22, 2012

Westward Ho! Wagons

Pack up the wagon-we're headed west! A fun pioneer or wild west craft that is easy to make.

Craft Project Directions:
Go west young man!

This project has several steps.

First take a piece of brown construction paper or a heavier weight paper and fold the edges up about an inch all the way around, cut slits to make the edges stand up and then tape them together so they form a small wagon base.

Next cut out four circle for wagon wheels and tape or glue them on to the wagon.

Take a piece of white paper, trim it so it is the same size as the wagon base and tape or staple the ends of the white paper to either side of the wagon base, making a wagon cover.

Poke a hole through the front of wagon base and attach a pipe cleaner so you can than hook up your wagon to a horse if you want.

Decorate your wagons and you are ready to head west!

Enjoy Crafting!

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