March 30, 2012

Simple Skunks

Create a super simple skunk with basic materials!

Craft Project Directions:
To craft this craft project you will need a black paper bag (or take a brown lunch bag and paint it black), black and white construction paper, scissors, scraps, tape, glue, cotton balls, and crayons.

To begin, take your paper bag and stuff it about 3/4 full with scraps (newspaper, paper, etc.). Stuff the bottom of the bag fuller than the top of the bag to create a sloping skunk body.

 Next take the top of the paper bag and fold the two corner in to create a pointed triangle. Tape it in place. This will be your skunk's head. Flip the bag over.

Next take your black construction paper and cut out a large skunk tail, four simple rectangular skunk feet, two skunk ears. Glue or tape this skunk pieces to your paper bag body.

Next cut out white zig-zag stripes for your skunk and two white eyes. Use the picture as a guide. Glue or tape these onto your skunk.

Now decorate your skunk further with glue and white cotton balls and crayons.

 Enjoy Crafting! 

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