April 3, 2012

BirchBark Canoes

 Let's Go Paddling in a BirchBark Canoe!

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need white, black, and brown construction paper, two straws, a black pen or thin marker, tape, and glue.

 First let's make the paddles. Take the brown construction paper and fold it in half. Cut out two long rounded rectangles. Since the paper is folded you will have four when you are done cutting.

Tape two of these back to back onto the end of each one of your straws. These will be your canoe's paddles.

Next let's make the canoe.

Take a large piece of white construction paper and fold it in half.

The fold is going to be the bottom of your canoe so be sure to leave it mostly intact!

Cut a half circle up from the fold. Next bend the ends of the half circle in together and tape in place. By doing this you will have created a simple canoe shape.

Now let's create canoe seats.

 Take your black construction paper and cut three long black strips about one inch wide. Fold down the ends and slip them into the canoe, spacing them apart from the bow to the stern.

Tape the folded down part of the strips to the sides of the canoe to create the seats and secure them in place.

Now decorate the outside of your canoe with black pen or thin black marker creating a scribble birchbark look all over the canoe. You are ready to go for a paddle!

Enjoy Crafting!

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