April 12, 2012

Dinosaur Puzzle

 Create a simple picture puzzle for hours of challenging enjoyment and fun.

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need large craft sticks, tape, a paintbrush, paints, and a pencil or crayons.

To begin decide how large you would like your Dinosaur Puzzle to be.

Next take a large number of Craft sticks and lay them flat side-by-side and make an area as large or as small as you envisioned.

You could use wood colored craft sticks or brightly colored ones- you decide!

Next take your tape and pull out long strips of tape. Use these strips to tape together the craft sticks you just laid down. These will hold your puzzle together while you create it.

Now flip the craft stick area over so the tape is on the backside.

Next take your paints and paint a dashing dinosaur picture. Y

ou can use your own imagination or use the template for a stegosaurus provided at the link below. Create a great dinosaur and decorate him with all sorts of colors and patterns.

Add an interesting background if you want. Let your picture dry.

Now flip the craft stick picture over and remove the tape strips that are holding it together. You now have a great Dinosaur puzzle! Can you put it back together?

Enjoy Crafting! 

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