April 3, 2012

Porcupine : Prickly and Cute!

Craft Project Directions:
A very simple craft project which creates an endearing animal.To create this craft project you will need a pinecone, toothpicks, paint and a paintbrush or googly eyes and glue.

Select a nice large pinecone with a nice shape. This will be the body of your porcupine.

Now take a box of toothpicks and one by one insert them into the pinecone so they stick out all over the place. They are the porcupine's quills. 

 Cover the porcupine with these toothpick quills. Be sure to head them all in the same direction and leave none at one end to create a face for your porcupine.

When you are finished covering your pinecone with toothpicks, paint two dark eyes and a face on one end of the pinecone. 

This is your porcupine's head. 

Instead of painting on a face you could glue on two googly eyes- whichever you prefer!

Let your porcupine dry and place your prickly friend someplace special or give him as a gift!

Enjoy Crafting!

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