April 3, 2012

Rolie Polie Bird

Create a simple bird from colored paper loops!

Craft Project Directions:
To make this bird you will need colored construction paper, scissors, glue, tape, and other materials if you want to decorate your bird further.

First take your construction paper and cut four paper strips- one long one for the body, a shorter one for the head, and two narrow ones for the wings.

Also cut out a squared off diamond shape for the tail, some small eyes, and a triangle beak.

Bend the strips you cut into paper loops and tape or glue them so they stay.

Next glue the smal leyes and beak onto your bird's head.

Take the tail shape and fringe and curl the pointed end by cutting lines into it and curling the ends around the scissors. Glue or tape the tail to the back of the bird's body.

Next attach the bird's head to the body and then attach the wings to either side of the body.

You could add pipecleaner legs and feet to the base of the bird to help prop him up if you wish. Decorate!

Enjoy Crafting!

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