April 3, 2012

Simple & Elegant Swan

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need white paper, a small white cup, orange and black construction paper, tape, glue,a pipe cleaner, scissors, your hands and one of your feet.

To begin take two pieces of white paper and lay one on top of the other. Trace your hand print on the top one with all your fingers and thumb spread apart. Cut out the hand print through both sheets of the white paper, creating two hand prints. Repeat. Now you should have four white handprints.

They will become your swan's wings.

Next take two of the hand prints and lay one over the other and shift it in place so the fingers intermingle and you can see all eight and the two thumbs. Glue or tape them together this way. Repeat with the remaining two hand prints.

Set them aside and let them dry.

Next trace one of your feet on white paper with you shoe off. Cut it out. This will become your swan's neck.

Take a pair of scissors and curl the heel end of the foot print so it curves over.Now take your pipe cleaner and thread it directly up the middle of your foot print and extend it about one inch beyond the end of the heel. This will make your swan's neck curvy, flexible, and bendable.

Set aside.

Next cut out the pieces you will need to put together your swan's head. Use the templates at the address below as a guide. Take a piece of black paper and fold it in half. Cut out the small piece shown with the straight line of the template on the fold.

Next take a piece of orange paper and fold it half. Cut out the other longer piece shown with the straight line of the template on the fold.

Now slip the orange piece over the piece of pipe cleaner that you left extended when you created your swan's neck. Glue or tape in place.

Now add the black piece further up the pipe cleaner, slightly overlapping the orange. Glue in place.Now let's assemble your Swan!

 For a basic swan body you could use a small paper cup with the open part of the cup headed toward the rear of the swan or you could use a simple small white paper roll. Either is fine and works well. You decide.

Glue or tape the hand print wings you created on either side of the swan's body pointing backwards.Now add the foot print neck to the front of the swan.

If you are using a paper roll, insert the base of the neck inside the paper roll and tape or glue it in place. Trim the sides of the foot print if the toes are too wide.

Bend the pipe cleaner neck so your swan's neck has a serene and beautiful arc.

Enjoy Crafting!

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