April 10, 2012

This Little Piggy

  Do you like pigs? Do you like the color pink? If you like either, this might be the craft for you!

Craft Project Directions:
To make this craft project you will need colored construction paper, pink construction paper, a pink pipe cleaner, glue, scissors, and crayons.

To begin, select a background piece of paper on which to create your little pink pig. Choose any color you like.

Next cut out a pig face, feet, ears, body, and snout. You can use your own imagination or the templates provided.

Cut these pig pieces out of your pink construction paper using your scissors. Now let's assemble your cute little pig.

Glue the various pig pieces together on the background piece of paper you selected creating a cute little pig. Use the picture as a guide.

Next take your pink pipe cleaner and wind it into a coil. Tape or glue this to your pig for a cute tail.

 Now decorate your pig further with crayons.

Enjoy Crafting!

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