June 13, 2012

Lovely Lobster Craft

Create some lovely lobsters that won't pinch your fingers!

Craft Project Directions:
Materials that you will need: Muffin wrappers, Brass fasteners, Heavier weight red or orange paper, pipe cleaners, Colored tissue paper, Cotton balls.

Using the template provided cut out a large lobster body, two large lobster claws, and eight little lobster legs. Attach the legs and claws to the body with brass fasteners.

 Cut a pipe cleaner in half and attach to the top of the lobster head to give your lobster antennae. Add cotton ball eyes or wiggly eyes if you have them.

Next take 5 or 6 muffin wrappers and fold them in half. Staple them together overlaying them to make a lobster tails and attach it to your lobster.

Now decorate your lobster with strips of overlaying tissue paper to give it texture and color. Let dry.

Enjoy Crafting!

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