June 13, 2012

Mysterious Floating Pumpkin

Create a bright orange pumpkin on the move!

Craft Project Directions:

To make this craft project you will need orange balloons, black construction paper, scissors, and glue.

Inflate a bright orange balloon- this will become your pumpkin's face!

Cut out pumpkin face shapes and tape or glue them on to your floating pumpkin.

Decorate your pumpkin head with any other materials you desire and add further enhancements with magic markers if you like.

To display your pumpkin creation, use a medium size cup as a pumpkin stand. Flip the cup upside down and poke a hole in the bottom and pull the balloon knot (at the base of the pumpkin's face) through it.

Secure the balloon to the cup's bottom with tape and decorate the cup colorfully!

Enjoy Crafting!

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