June 13, 2012

Pop-Up Pumpkin Puppet

A playful pumpkin figure that is a cinch to make!

Craft Project Directions:
To make a basic pop-up puppet, first take a cup and poke a large hole through the bottom of the cup so that a craft stick or a small wooden dowel will fit through it.

Poke the dowel through the hole in the cup and hold it so the top of the dowel is a good ways above the top of the cup.

Next take a horizontal strip of tissue paper that is a bit longer than the area between the cup and the top of the dowel. Select orange or a bright color that you like for this will be your puppet's body.

Tape one edge of the paper around the top of the cup so it won't move and bunch the other edge around the top of the dowel and tape it in place as well.

Add pipe cleaner arms with paper hands just below the top of the dowel and then drape a large piece of tissue over the top. This is the body of your cup puppet!

Now you can cut out a pumpkin head, hat, pants, gloves, shirt, and feet to add on to the cup base, body, and top of the dowel to create the rest of your figure. Then decorate the puppet you wish!

When you move the dowel back and forth the puppet will pop up.

Enjoy Crafting!

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