June 24, 2014

Paint Brushes

                                             Discover all the different types of things you can use to paint with!

You can use all types of brushes to paint with in addition to the ones you might find in the store. Try creating some of these brushes:

Pine Needle Brush: Take a handful of pine needles and attach them to a short stick.

Straw Brush: Take a handful of straw and attach it to a short stick.

Feather Brush: Use a long feather or take a number or single feather and attach it to a stick or craftstick.

Cotton Brush: Attach a cotton ball to the end of a stick.

Broccoli Brush: Try painting with a piece of broccoli or another type of vegetable.

All these brushes will give you different results and textures. Try them and create some types of your own!

Enjoy Crafting!

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