June 24, 2014

Paper Bag Bunny Puppets

                                                             Great Bunny Puppets! Great for Easter or Any Time!
Do you like bunnies ? Well if you do this simple project is for you! 

To make a cute paper bag bunny puppet you will need a paper bag, some colored construction paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, crayons, glue, and a cotton ball.  

First cut out 2 bunny ears, two bunny legs with paws, a cute bunny nose, and two round eyes from the colored construction paper. 

Next take some pipe cleaners and cut them in half to create some bunny whiskers. Your cotton ball with be your bunny's tail! Now let's assemble your bunny! 

Create your bunny's face on the bag's bottom. 

Glue the bunny ears and tail to the back side of the bag and the eyes, nose, and legs with paws to the front. 

Glue or tape on the bunny whiskers sticking out from the nose. 

Decorate your bunny further with spots, crayons, or other materials if you wish.

Enjoy Crafting!

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