June 24, 2014

Paper Bag Haunted Houses

                                                             Create a simple and fun haunted house!

To make this craft project you will need 2 sandwich paper bags, gray paint, a black marker, a stapler, some glue, and scissors.

To begin, slide one bag inside the other, so the bottom of one is facing up (this will be the roof of your haunted house). 

Now make a lengthwise crease along the center bottom of the inner bag. Staple the bag at the crease to form the roof. 

Now paint the bags with gray paint and let dry over night. 

Next draw haunted house details on the bag with your black marker ~ add steps, windows, a door, etc. 

Cut out ghosts from white paper and glue on if you wish. 

                                                                                         Enjoy Crafting!

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