June 24, 2014

Paper Bag Hula Skirt

                                                 You will want to learn the hula after creating this fun craft!

To make this craft you will need two paper bags, scissors, colored construction paper, scissors, and paints, markers, or crayons, and tape. 

To begin take the paper bag and open it up. Cut it into strips leaving about 2 inches to the bottom. 

Next cut the bottom out and then cut the bottom piece in half lengthwise to make two shoulder straps. Tape the straps and attach them to the sides of the skirt to create your hula skirt. 

Now cut out paper flowers and glue or tape them onto the shoulder straps. 

Decorate your skirt with paints, crayons, or markers and you are ready to hula! 

                                                                                             Enjoy Crafting!

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